Job: Senior Strategic Planner

Title Senior Strategic Planner
Location New York, NY
Job Description

Job Description: Sr. Strategic Planner

Position Summary:

commonground wants a Multicultural Sr. Strategic Planner who can apply bedrock research skills, provide insight into multicultural consumers, and offer up impactful strategic thinking to creative, account teams, and clients. A superstar who is a proactive, fresh, strategic, and dynamic thinker who can contribute to a leading, fast growing, integrated marketing agency.

  • · Is seasoned (been a senior planner at least a 1yr to 1.5 yrs) comfortable leading the charge independently on various aspects of the business
  • · Has a working knowledge of both quantitative and qualitative research, and is comfortable leading and/or consulting both efforts

Key Responsibilities:

  • Primary Leader and the Key Planner contact for the Client by driving the strategic planning role; will report to the Director of Planning.
  • The Driver for information gathering and filtering, providing valuable customer and marketing insight regarding trends, behavioral shifts, attitudinal dynamics of the clients’ marketplace to appropriate account management, creative and media departments.
  • Multicultural: have an aptitude and passion for understanding people, with emphasis on African American multicultural consumer

The Personality:

  • Develop and persuasively communicate brand/positioning consumer perception portions of communications plans or other recommendations to agency and client
  • Oversee overall timeframes and deliverable milestones for research projects, planning components, etc. to deliver according to client/staff expectations
  • Demonstrate good listening skills, fostering an environment of professional commitment and mutual trust
  • Communicate upstream and downstream in a manner that is timely, respectful, productive and supports commonground and the project goals, as well as with clients in a manner that is timely, informative, and succinct
  • 8-10 years relevant industry experience

The Position:

  • Recommend initiating consumer investigations whenever client/market trends suggest a shift in the consumer dynamic
  • Provide appropriate staff with ongoing results of investigations/trend analysis
  • Lead the creation of all brand/creative briefs
  • Provide current consumer trends impacting purchase of client products and services
  • Analyze, strategize, and assist in the development of marketing plans and positioning papers; develop and implement studies aimed at uncovering consumer attitudes, behaviors and buying motivations that will advantage clients’ businesses
  • Effectively manage time to provide access and availability to counsel department and agency staff when needed, and be available for client meetings

Measures of Accountability:
•    Agency meetings reveal no problems with client relationships and activities

  • Client companies are making satisfactory progress toward achievement of their marketing objectives, and they credit the agency for its contributions

•    Quality of the strategic planning work produced for clients by all departments