5 web design trends you must follow this year

The trends in web design change rapidly. They come and go all the time. Website trends next year will be very different from what was a year ago. It will be helpful to know what the latest trends are in web design. Here are five web design trends that you must follow.

Material Design

Material design brings back beautiful graphical elements to the website, as opposed to flat design. It uses a layer concept, and so you can stack and remove items when needed. It has built-in animations as well. The flat design which focuses on keeping graphics to a minimum will not go away as it is easy to read on mobile devices as well and loads fast. So, the trend is to create a balance between material design and flat design.


The typography will be more colorful. It will make a statement. ‘Serifs’ and ‘hand-writing’ are the latest trends. Serifs show legibility, whereas, handwriting is personal. These are appropriate for devices having high resolution screens.

Mobile UX

Now CSS and fancy fonts will be used for effects. Text will be used for text only to reduce pre-loading times. Touch events will be more prominent. There will be plugins like tap and swipe.

Dynamic storytelling

It is very popular web design trend today. It guides visitors through a timeline. Using this feature, you can show the history of a company or benefits of a product or service. It requires high-level graphic skill.

More focus on social comments

The trend is to build websites with social commenting systems. This makes sure that visitors can comment using their social accounts.

Improvements in technology make these changes possible. There will be more refinements in design with time; the old ones will be replaced by new ones.


5 web design trends you must follow this year

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